Thursday, 12 March 2015

14:01 Skateboards Weekend in Norwich/Yarmouth

Back at the end of January the 14:01 crew came up to Norwich for the weekend to stay with Ben Rowley, I went along to take photos and film. Here's some of the best bits. Unfortunately Nick Munday managed to twist his ankle early on the Saturday so left on the evening.

Ben Rowley nollie over the wall, Great Yarmouth.

Josh Brown ollie, Great Yarmouth.

Ben Rowley 360 flip, Great Yarmouth.

Michael Casey nollie flip.

Rob Davy fs shuv.

Matt Grey Gap to the road.

Rob Davy ollie one foot to fs pivot at the amazing Yarmouth park.

Matt Grey fs flip around the pole on a wet bank, Norwich.

Matt Grey with a ridiculous tail drop in Norwich.

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