Sunday, 2 August 2015

NSE Game Of Skate And Jam Photos

Had a rad day at the NSE game of skate and jam at Eaton park in Norwich Yesterday. Below are few photos from the day.

Justin Rawnsley nollie bs heelflip during the first round of the game of skate.

Ash Challis nollie 360 flip during the second round of the game of skate.

The first jam to happen was on the rail and ledge. Oscar Evans 360 flip to lipslide.

 Ash Challis nollie noseblunt.

Ash Challis switch fs tailslide.

Chris Yeomans bs 180 fakie nosegrind.

 The last jam of the day was held on the bank gap. Ben rowley with a 360 flip.

 Vlad Kalynin hardflip

 Ben and Casey enjoying a beer at the end of the day. Cheers for organising a rad event.

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